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Entry #21

Kept you waiting, huh? :D

2017-08-25 07:56:27 by superwilliam3

after all sorts of entanglements,I decided to upload my sprites(obviously, a lot of people told me to do that)

I used to say these sprites are only for CoreAnimation(an anime lover and producer organization from China)

but there was a little conflict between us(in fact,CA got some conflict with my friends.but not me)

I didn't quit CA but I decided to not to make sprites only for them

and also,they don't need my sprites now

here are the pictures of the sprites

5304536_150366099272_1.png5304536_150366100781_2.png5304536_150366102552_3.png5304536_150366104752_4.png5304536_150366106441_5.png5304536_150366107713_6.pngabout the sprites,I need to told you guys something

these guns can be custom,I think this is obvious,you can see a lot of weapon accessories(or parts?) like scope and grip in this sprites.though it is customizable,you still need to learn some of this knowledge(like how to use these accessories on weapons,maybe)

and the second thing that I want to told you is that I drew some of these guns with GROUPs

well if you don't understand what is groups,I can show you

5304536_150366149151_QQ20170825194342.png5304536_150366150421_QQ20170825194415.pngI think now you can understand what I said

the question is,why I drew them like this?

well,you can use some parts of these groups to make a new gun(I always use this way to save time when I drew a new gun).or you can use these groups to make a gun which is very magical and futuristic

what I want to say is over

here are the links of the sprites


if you use FLASH CC of FLASH CS6,then you can download FLA for yourself.

if you use FL8 of FLASH CS3 or other version of flash just download SWF

hope you guys have a nice day :D

and by the way

"Kept you waiting, huh? " is from the Metal Gear Solid,I like the Phantom Pain and BigBoss very much,so I use it for title






sorry guys,because of work and life reasons,I stopped my work on the FL8 version

I need to concentrate on my work now

but I promise I'll do it and upload it     ;(


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2017-08-25 08:46:19

Dayum, these are some very nice sprites you have here. you even got the Airtronic RPG-7, M320 grenade launcher/s, and lots of AR-15 based guns. I see that you are a fan of magpul also ;)
I like how they're modular and has interchangeable parts (something that I attempted on my sprites also, but clearly, you did better than I did).

(Updated ) superwilliam3 responds:

thanks for that,you did well too dude :D


2017-08-25 10:30:46

You are just beutiful at making these :D

superwilliam3 responds:

thanks :p


2017-08-25 11:23:34

Bad swf

superwilliam3 responds:

what happened to the swf?
are the colour of the magzines disappear?
if it is,well sorry about that,you need to refill the color yourself.
or get a Flash CC or CS6


2017-08-25 20:03:35

sweet stuff man

superwilliam3 responds:

thanks dude :D


2017-08-25 20:21:44


superwilliam3 responds:

that's good! :p


2017-08-25 20:58:31

Upload the .FLA for FL8 users plz, jesus christ. n_n

superwilliam3 responds:

hmmm....I don't have FL8,you can use the SWF
if you want me to upload the FLA for FL8 then maybe you need to wait for several days


2017-08-26 07:46:46

it's been 84 years

superwilliam3 responds:

I'm making the FLA for FL8,I need some days. : \


2017-08-26 19:22:05

Frig Off!


2017-08-28 03:57:41

please make a fl8 version cuz the swf. file when you import it, it only saves a quarter of the sprites....

superwilliam3 responds:

yeah I know it when I downloaded a FL8 and import it.I'm making the FL8 version now :D


2017-08-29 03:29:32

ok thank you so much !!! ^-^


2017-08-29 12:57:41



2017-08-31 07:15:38

How's the FL8 version comin along there buddy? Lol