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2017-08-03 07:42:00 by superwilliam3



I'm really not good at doing this


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2017-08-03 15:32:12

I think it's good!
Maybe the shell must be slightly slower...

superwilliam3 responds:

Thanks :D


2017-08-03 20:18:59

is a bit too fast
but good work

superwilliam3 responds:

I don't know why it become so fast
Because I set it up with 30FPS :d


2017-08-04 04:56:54

This is simplistic af.

superwilliam3 responds:

yeah I think so
I'm not very professional in doing it


2017-08-04 10:24:49

I think its very good actually,
you should keep the bolt cycle speed or maybe even speed it up more,
I've seen videos of people cycle the bolt of a lee-enfield faster than that
(even though that sprite is a Mosin nagant and not a Lee enfield, they're both bolt action rifles).
just slow down the spent bullet casing (NOT "SHELL") a bit

superwilliam3 responds:

Thank you for your advice :D